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Horse Bios


Abby is a 1997 dun registered Quarter horse (AQHA) mare. 15.0 hands. She is a ranch favorite and she safely packs even the smallest of riders down the trail. She is suitable & safe for adults & kids on the trail.


Buttons is a 2000 grey registered Paint (APHA) mare. 15.1 hands. She’s a trusty, dusty (meaning usually has spots from laying in whatever she can find to get dirty in!) trail horse that anyone can ride. She is suitable & safe for adults & kids on the trail.


Dandy is a 2000 grey Welsh pony gelding. 13.2 hands. He is our best lesson pony & always a favorite with the kids. He also loves to hit the trails & give pony rides for birthday parties. He is suitable & safe for small adults & kids on the trail.


Dixie is a 1994 black & white registered Paint (APHA) mare. She does great as a lesson horse, as well as a trail horse. She is suitable & safe for adults & kids on the trail.


Dually is a 1998 black Quarter mare. 14.2 hands. This girl is built like a brick house & has a silly personality.


Gilly is a 2003 grey Percheron mare. 16.2 hands. She is a great trail horse who is fun to ride for beginners and experienced riders alike. She also drives our carriage for carriage rides, weddings & parties.


Martini is a 2009 buckskin pearl registered Paint (APHA) mare. 15 hands. Martini is a great trail horse as well as a lesson horse. She’s known for being lazy, but that makes our students really learn how to use their legs during their lessons!


Mickey is a 1999 sorrel registered Quarter horse (AQHA) mare. 14.1 hands. She is a great lesson horse for adults, as well as a fun trail horse.


Midnight is a 1998 black registered Foxtrotter (MFTHBA) gelding. 14.3 hands. He is a great trail horse & the smoothest ride at the ranch!


Roany is a 1995 flaxen chestnut Shetland gelding. 11 hands. All the kids love to spoil & love on him! He gives pony rides at birthday parties, as well as drives his own little cart.


Romeo is a 2002 sorrel Quarab gelding. 15.1 hands. He’s a favorite of everyone & he’s a great trail horse.


Zeena is a 1994 brown registered Appaloosa (ApHC) mare. 15.2 hands. She’s a sweet girl who is great on the trail & in the arena. Her gaits are super smooth & she has an extra gait that some Appies have called the “Indian shuffle”.