Oh The Joys Bandy Brings

Our property offers all the amenities needed for a day or night filled with relaxation and fun. Whether you’re on the lookout for activities for the entire family, or an adult getaway, we got you covered. From petting zoos, to a sun filled day in one of our cabanas, The Ranch at Bandy Canyon has it all.

Poolside Cabanas & Bar

Check out our new luxury cabanas! Whether you want to lounge in the sun or spend it in the pool, you’ll love spending your day in this outdoor paradise!


Come stay in one of fifteen unique cottages nestled on 104 acres in the heart of the lush San Pasqual Valley. Our southern California ranch bursts with historic flavor and an untouched goodness that keeps our guests coming back time and time again!


As a cottage guest, you can schedule a tour at Canyon Farm Animal Sanctuary. Stop by and show some love to the rescued horses, pigs, goats, sheep, and  chickens at Canyon Farm. 

Note: Upon booking your stay  at Bandy Canyon. Our staff will inform you on how to schedule your Canyon Farm Animal Sanctuary tour.

* CFAS Tours will now be $5 a person.